Zombie Pig BBQ

a basket of 8 bbq pork ribs served with a side of coleslaw
a bbq Pork rib atop a bed of bbq pulled pork
a bbq pulled chicken sandwich
a 3 meat sampler platter with bbq pork ribs, bbq pulled pork, and beef brisket
a beef brisket sandwich with pickles
two crispy bbq pork ribs on top of bbq pulled pork with two slices of bread
a bbq pulled chicken sandwich with pickles and a side of coleslaw

Walkin' or Crawlin', Always Sweet & Juicy

Brad, Juan, and Dave posing in front of the counter at Zombie Pig BBQ

Meet Brad, Juan and Dave. These guys are brothers from other mothers who were destined to meet, become family, and open this mom and pop BBQ joint!

Brad is a Columbus grown Navy vet who loves to cook, he’s the recipe guy. Dave is an Army vet who moved here from Jersey long ago, he’s the #’s guy. Juan’s the promo/ smile guy, he transplanted here from Florida 20+ years ago and never looked back. Each has a niche, and that’s what made them a great competition team. That very same passion later grew into an award winning BBQ, followed by a food truck/roadside where the fans would stand in line and ask “When are you going to open a restaurant?”. Well folks, we appreciate each and every one of you for supporting us, and today we look forward to serving you at Zombie Pig BBQ Restaurant!

At Zombie Pig BBQ our goal is to provide you some of the best barbeque you’ve ever eaten in a friendly make you feel at home environment! We are all about food: Cooking it, Eating it and coming up with new ways to improve our products. We’ve been this way for years, and now we’d like to share our passion for food with others. We have Award Winning barbeque, but we never settle, and we are always working to make it better for you.

Our promise to you is that we will provide you with top quality BBQ and customer service made fresh and delicious from our kitchen to your table.

–Zombie Pig BBQ

Dave's son, Dave, Brad, and Juan posing in front of the Zombie Pig BBQ roadside tent
BBQ pulled pork
Beef brisket
Shredded bbq pork
Pork tenderloin with bbq glaze
Pork ribs
Pork tenderloin